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Reviews of Sean

"Kaufman delivers a first-rate performance as Roger, nailing both the lax, detestable character we see at the beginning and the Roger we get a glimpse of towards the end of the film... It’s evident from the bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage that play alongside the credits that the cast and crew had a lot of fun making this film, and this is evident in the end product, which is well shot, acted, and edited. "

JUMPCUT ONLINE [Tom Sheffield]

"Mr. Kaufman does an admirable job… His physical acting is impressive, sinking his shoulders within the Rastafarian colored robe, and straightening out when he’s figuring out how to grow up." [David Whitley]

"Sean A. Kaufman is great in the leading role... he must take his character through the biggest development through the film, while the rest of the cast do a good job throughout... "

Movie Reviews 101 [Darren Lucas]


"Thin, bearded, and egocentric to a fault, Roger is played by Sean A. Kaufman, who holds our attention even as we cringe at his self-indulgent man-child antics. "

Scott's Movie Comments [Scott Larson]


"As Roger, Kaufman does a good job, though I question some of the script’s decisions... His lines make his character hard to root for, almost pushing Roger into unbelievable heights – but Kaufman makes us stick around, a credit to his performance."

The Movie Buff [Mark Ziobro]

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